Le Saint-Martin

25 Rue Louis Blanc
75010 Paris

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Speciality French And Franco-Oriental Cuisine

Fixed Menus at 11,00 & 14,00€
Menu Changes Daily

First Course (some examples)

Tomato & Mozzarella salad
Avocado & Shrimp salad
Duck Paté
Country Paté

Main Course

Beef Bourguignon
Steak with shallots
Escalope Normandy style
Salmon with herb sauce
Roast Chicken with tarragon
Steak Filet with pepper sauce


Tarte of the day
Chocolate Mousse
Créme Brulée
Fruit Salad
Cheese Plate
Ice Cream/ Sherbert

Couscous Lunch and Dinner
Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Couscous Royal
Lamb Skewer, Merguez Chicken

Couscous Méchoui
Lamb Shoulder with Merguez sausage

Couscous Brochette
Lamb Skewer with Merquez sausage

Couscous Maison
Beef, Chicken & Merguez

Couscous Bœuf
Beef and Merguez

Couscous  Poulet
Chicken & Merguez

Coucous Merguez
3 Merguez

Couscous  Vegetable